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Let's Get Started With A Few Ways to Earn Money on the Internet: Advertising Networks and Affiliate Programs

Here are a few ways to make money. I try out all the affiliate programs I list here on this website and only include the ones that do relatively well. When time proves them duds, I remove them from this blog. Right now I am making the best money from Google Adsense and Adland.

Free e-Commerce Shutting Down

Today Zlio sent me an email stating that due to financial problems they are permanently shutting their doors. was a free e-commerce service where users could create online stores within minutes and earn pay-per-click fees as well as commissions from products sold. Here is the slightly abbreviated content from Zlio that email:

Six years after its launch, we regret to announce that we are going out of business.

The service will officially end on September 11!

Zlio had a fantastic start, receiving capital from one Europe's largest venture capital funds, Mangrove Capital. In addition, we held advanced M&A talks with Google, which unfortunately fell through at the last minute.

Our strong initial growth was interrupted on September 27, 2007, when the majority of Zlio shops, which were generally very well ranked, saw their Google ranking drop dramatically, eliminating 65% of our traffic.

Despite our best efforts, and the opening of 380,000 stores to date, it has not been possible to regain our previous Google rankings, except in exceptional cases.

Choosing an Affiliate Network

Personally I prefer the Google Affiliate Network and (maybe) the Panthera Network: CPA Global Publisher Network Click Here. I know that Google is big enough to protect my personal information and Tax ID. Google has always paid me on time and offers tons of affiliate programs. And I know that Google is not going to skimp on bandwidth.

When I say "affiliate network," I mean a website that offers many different affiliate programs sponsored by numerous merchants and businesses (businesses like IBM, Dell, Bell, Apple, and Macy's, for example). Merchants join the affiliate network in order to recruit affiliates (who will then advertise and sell the merchants' products). Affiliates join the network in order to make money selling products or finding "leads." The affiliate network acts as the middleman and keeps track of earnings and payments.

Check Your Affiliate Links

You should make sure that your affiliate links are working. Check them out every two months or so. Recently I found that my old Chitika affiliate referral link takes my readers to a page that no longer exists on the Chitika website. My new referral link is

The Top Paying Advertising Networks

During the past year, I had the most monetary success with the following (easy to join) advertising networks. They paid best:

1) Google Adsense

2) Chitika

3) Sponsored Tweets

4) Kontera

5) Adland and

SOLVED: Hacked? Is Your Site Redirecting to

If your website is mysteriously redirecting to

and you have the button or tracking code on your site, then delete the code. The code and button are invisible at the present time, so do a search of your own source code.

At the present time the code will redirect your traffic to someone else's advertising. This situation may change in the future, and I noticed that the site itself sometimes redirects to the URL listed above, but for now just delete the code and then check back with for future developments and explanations.

Free Viral Advertising

Of all the so-called viral marketing techniques out there on the Internet today, I find this Free Viral Advertising service to be quite easy to implement and understand: Traffic Digger.

Sure, viral videos will bring you lots of short-term mileage, but the creative process involved is quite labor intensive, and the "glow" wears off fast, especially when your video content is just downright silly! (Silliness will not save your neighbors.) So if you are not willing to spend years attempting to create something earthshaking, then go for the simpler routes. Even rock stars are forgotten.


Get it for Free: The Make Money Online Newsletter

Our Make Money Online Newsletter is free. This free newsletter provides you with the information you need to quickly start earning hundreds of dollars a month on the Internet. The sky is the limit! If you work hard and apply the right business principles, then you should start bringing in thousands of dollars a month after two or three years of development and marketing.

But first you must learn how to create web sites and how to join reliable affiliate programs and networks, especially the ones that pay per click and per lead. That's why our Newsletter will tell you about the easiest ways to set up your online presence and about the reliable online earnings opportunities we have tested out ourselves.

We will show you how to keep your overhead down and how to advertise for free. We will show you how to make money while you sleep. We will show you how your hard work can and will pay off. Join Now - click here

Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys

This post and its links are self explanatory. It guides you to INTERNATIONAL online surveys that pay. See below:

Pinecone Research is an excellent group that pays $5 per survey, but you will have to search the Internet for a recruitment link since Pinecone tends to recruit randomly and at different times of the year across a variety of websites and networks.

e-Rewards is another great survey site, but from what I see it is invitation only. One way you might get an invitation is to order something online from Macy's -- it has worked that way before.

Nifty Word Cloud Tool: Wordle

Wordle: The word cloud was created using, the PRTSCSYSRQ key on my computer and the Windows Paint program. See the Wordle FAQ for further directions.

Entrecard's Problems

If you are thinking of joining the Entrecard Network, the site where you trade traffic, "business cards," and website promotion, then you will want to first read Housecleaning at Entrecard and Clean up of Entrecard Network.

At least Entrecard is making an attempt at appearing transparent, though it does seem to ask its membership to take unnecessary risks.

Webmaster Classifieds

For classifieds devoted to topics of concern to webmasters (ads about hosting, domains, affiliate programs, computer services, hardware, and software), see Webmaster Classifieds.

Furthermore, free advertising is a good way to keep your overhead down. That way you really can make some money from your websites, land you'll create quite a few backlinks, too. Quite a few free advertising services, give you permanent ads for no cost.

For all types of free, very reputable classified ad services, see Classifieds for Free.

Free advertising is a good way to keep your overhead down. That way you can make some money from your websites.

Fabulous Local Coupons From Businesses and Events in Your City or Town

Groupon pays you to recruit members: $10 per active member. Buying a local Groupon is a cost-effective way to get out and have fun in your area of the country. Take a look at today's Groupon for Phoenix, Arizona: You'll save $80 (46%) on a Hot Air Balloon Ride followed by a sunrise breakfast or sunset hors d'oeuvres prepared by a famous Phoenix chef. And when you buy the Groupon today, it is good until June 21, 2010!

A Groupon is a deal enabled by the power of group buying. Basically a business (restaurant, nightclub, event, etc.) will offer a huge discount and if enough people individually (and separately) agree to purchase the deal, the Groupon is a Go!

Automate Your Advertising Earnings

When you install the OIOpublisher as a Wordpress plugin or a standalone platform, you achieve instant monetary automation. That's right your advertising process becomes fully automated on an unlimited number of websites.

While visiting your websites (either on their own or through your links in the OIOpublisher Marketplace), advertisers can apply to buy text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews. The ad purchases and expirations are handled automatically, and one-click ad management saves you time.

You may use the OIOpublisher ad manager on an unlimited number of sites: CLICK HERE.
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