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Fabulous Local Coupons From Businesses and Events in Your City or Town

Groupon pays you to recruit members: $10 per active member. Buying a local Groupon is a cost-effective way to get out and have fun in your area of the country. Take a look at today's Groupon for Phoenix, Arizona: You'll save $80 (46%) on a Hot Air Balloon Ride followed by a sunrise breakfast or sunset hors d'oeuvres prepared by a famous Phoenix chef. And when you buy the Groupon today, it is good until June 21, 2010!

A Groupon is a deal enabled by the power of group buying. Basically a business (restaurant, nightclub, event, etc.) will offer a huge discount and if enough people individually (and separately) agree to purchase the deal, the Groupon is a Go!

Automate Your Advertising Earnings

When you install the OIOpublisher as a Wordpress plugin or a standalone platform, you achieve instant monetary automation. That's right your advertising process becomes fully automated on an unlimited number of websites.

While visiting your websites (either on their own or through your links in the OIOpublisher Marketplace), advertisers can apply to buy text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews. The ad purchases and expirations are handled automatically, and one-click ad management saves you time.

You may use the OIOpublisher ad manager on an unlimited number of sites: CLICK HERE.

Wordpress Plugins Slow Page Load

If you have noticed that your Wordpress blog is loading slowly, and you have a lot of plugins activated, then you should deactivate the plugins you are not actually using. With fewer plugins activated, your Wordpress site will load faster. Your readers will be happy.

I imagine the same rule of thumb has proved true for other blogging and networking platforms.

And if your site keeps hanging up, find out if one of your plugins is the cause of the problem, because JavaScript advertisements linked to small advertisers and minor advertising networks (that do not have a lot of bandwidth) can also slow your site down.

How To Make Money on the Internet -- Part 1

I don't care what all those guys on the forums say, you need a Domain Name. The Domain Name is the first thing you'll need before you can start making money on the Internet as an Independent Webmaster. Otherwise all your link-building efforts will go to waste.

1) Get a domain name from a reputable service like NetFirms or 1and1.

Choose a simple .com domain name. Your customers will remember one- and two-word domain names, and if you ever decide to sell your web site or domain name, short names bring in a higher price.

Make Money Posting Links Anywhere on the Internet -- CPM

Make CPM Money Posting Links

This service pays you to transform your links and then post them anywhere on the Internet (forums, social sites, bookmarking sites, etc.) and pays as much as $2.00 CPM. They also pay you for referrals, with a downline 5 levels deep. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Make More Money From Adsense With Alternate Ads

Google Adsense Help explains how to construct an alternative ad. And the Google Adsense "manage ads" section in your Adsense account gives you the choice to show an alternate ad when Adsense has no ads to display (and then provides a field into which to insert your alternate ad URL). But if you are not using the new ad codes that are stored in your Adsense account (the ones you can edit from within your Adsense account), then you must manually modify the Adsense code.

In other words, if you are using the old Adsense code (the codes that cannot be edited from within your Adsense account), you must insert a line telling Google the location of your alternate ad. Here is the line you must insert:

google_alternate_ad_url = "yourad.html";

Free Drop-in Script: Popup Blockers Can't Stop Drop-ins

Popup Blockers do not stop Drop-ins. Click Here to see what the Unstoppable Drop-in looks like. Then read the rest of this post.

Free Store and Free Hosting

Promote Your Sites: The Top SEO Software for Free

Many large corporations use this software to optimize their web sites. It's called search engine optimization (SEO). Now you can download the free version of this sofware. Just click on the banner shown at the top of this post. Or click on the banner to become an affiliate and earn very lucrative commissions.

Pinecone Research Surveys Issues Rare Sign Up Link

Pinecone Research pays $5 for every survey you complete and often invites you to complete four or five surveys a month. And they pay promptly. In fact they are the most reliable and transparent survey company I have had the pleasure of "meeting up" with on the Internet.

They do not often issue sign up links. It is usually hard to find a way to sign up with them. But at this time, if you are a Canadian Resident, you can sign up with Pinecone Research using hte following link:

If You Twitter, They Will Come

You can make money placing advertisements on your Twitter threads (see below), and the more followers you have the more advertising money you will make.
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Make Money Selling and Promoting Photos

This looks like a great way to make money, and I think it is a very professional site, too. Make money selling your photos and recruiting other photographers and buyers. I just joined. It looks like your photos have to fulfill a few requirements (but you can still make money recruiting new members): - JPEG format - Image resolution greater than or equal to 2400 x 1600 (4 Million pixels) - Files than 30 Megabytes in size - You must be the author of the files

Wordperfect Fails to Initialize

If you use Wordperfect and you get the message that it failed to initialize or all you get is the splash screen which then vanishes (or when you click on a Wordperfect document, you get a message that the path to your document is wrong), then check that your default printer has not changed. You might have to choose a different default printer. You probably want to choose the printer that you have used in the recent past.

Finding a Free Web Hosting Plan

If you are looking for reliable free web hosting, then take a look at Costfreerunhosting and Plus you will find hosting reviews and offers on Free Web Hosting Reviewed and on

Make Money without Spending

If you want to make money from affiliate and pay-per-click programs and networks without spending any money of your own (that is, with no overhead), then you need to use a reliable free host and a free domain name. Do not use the free host's subdomains for your web site, because when the free host vanishes, all the links you created, the ones pointing at your web site, will be useless. Yes, you will be able to move your site to a new host (if you kept a backup), but your site's address (the URL) will change.

Earn More Money Online

For more information about making money online, including how to earn dollars without incurring expenditures or overhead, see Free Web Hosting Reviewed. The site shows you how to make money for free.
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