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  • No Fees for Buying and Selling Stocks and Funds -- and get a free Stock Share of Apple or Sprint- When you use my affiliate link to sign-up with this free online stock brokerage, you will get a free stock with a company like Apple or Sprint, and I will get a free stock, too. And once you have joined this online brokerage, you can buy stocks and funds for free -- no fees for buying or selling stocks and ETFs AND cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Etherium!
  • Keep Your Website Traffic- One way to keep your website traffic is to show your customers and visitors that when they send traffic to your site, they get traffic back. For example, you can list the sites that sent traffic to your website when you put the following line of JavaScript on your web page (or template):

    <script language="Javascript" src=""></script>

  • Check Your Affiliate Links- You should make sure that your affiliate links are working. Check them out every two months or so. Recently I found that my old Chitika affiliate referral link takes my readers to a page that no longer exists on the Chitika website. My new referral link is
  • Free Drop-in Script: Popup Blockers Can't Stop Drop-ins- Popup Blockers do not stop Drop-ins. Click Here to see what the Unstoppable Drop-in looks like. Then read the rest of this post.

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  • Solved: Wordpress Errors When Uploading Media Images and Photos: Folder Creation and Permissions- If you are receiving error messages in your Wordpress admin dashboard every time you try to upload a media file (a photo or image), then go to "Settings" and then "Media" and add a check mark to the box that says "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders."
  • Solution: Spybot - Search & Destroy Crashes Your Windows 7 Operating System and Shuts Down Computer- Does Spybot-S&D (Spybot-Search & Destroy) crash your Windows operating system and your computer? Do you find that part-way through a Spybot spyware scan your computer mysteriously switches off? Then check to make sure that you do not have any additional security software running in real-time in the background. And if you do have other security scanners running, such as anti-virus software, shut them down before you make a scan with Spybot S&D. For example, if you have Threatfire (from PC Tools) running in the background, then "suspend" its operation. Or if you have Microsoft Security Essentials running in real-time, then go to the Microsoft Security Essentials settings and turn off Real-time Protection. If you are running Avast, AVG, Norton, PC Tools, Trend Micro, or any other antivirus software in real-time, in the background, so that the software is constantly checking your computer for threats, then shut those real-time security processes down before you start a Spybot scan.
  • Get it for Free: The Make Money Online Newsletter- Our Make Money Online Newsletter is free. This free newsletter provides you with the information you need to quickly start earning hundreds of dollars a month on the Internet. The sky is the limit! If you work hard and apply the right business principles, then you should start bringing in thousands of dollars a month after two or three years of development and marketing.

    But first you must learn how to create web sites and how to join reliable affiliate programs and networks, especially the ones that pay per click and per lead. That's why our Newsletter will tell you about the easiest ways to set up your online presence and about the reliable online earnings opportunities we have tested out ourselves.

    We will show you how to keep your overhead down and how to advertise for free. We will show you how to make money while you sleep. We will show you how your hard work can and will pay off. Join Now - click here
  • Solution: "A problem with the cooling system has been detected." Toshiba Overheating Warning? Cooling Fan Off? Stop Sleep.- If your Toshiba laptop computer is giving you the warning "A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service," try to solve the problem by following these steps (it worked for my Toshiba Satellite A505): 1) Go to your Windows 7 Control Panel and click on "Power Options." Choose "High Performance" and then click "Change Plan Settings." 2) Under both the "On battery" and "Plugged in" columns, choose "Never" as the "Put the computer to sleep" setting. Then click "Save changes." 3) Check for Windows 7 and Toshiba updates. Now if the solution I've outlined above does not seem to always work, then continue to use those settings PLUS NEVER put your laptop into the Sleep Mode or the Hibernation Mode. It seems that sometimes Windows 7 forgets to start the cooling fan when it brings the computer out of Sleep.
  • SOLVED: Hacked? Is Your Site Redirecting to If your website is mysteriously redirecting to

    and you have the button or tracking code on your site, then delete the code. The code and button are invisible at the present time, so do a search of your own source code. At the present time the code will redirect your traffic to someone else's advertising. This situation may change in the future, and I noticed that the site itself sometimes redirects to the URL listed above, but for now just delete the code and then check back with for future developments and explanations.
  • Automate Your Advertising Earnings- When you install the OIOpublisher as a Wordpress plugin or a standalone platform, you achieve instant monetary automation. That's right your advertising process becomes fully automated on an unlimited number of websites.

    While visiting your websites (either on their own or through your links in the OIOpublisher Marketplace), advertisers can apply to buy text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews. The ad purchases and expirations are handled automatically, and one-click ad management saves you time.

    You may use the OIOpublisher ad manager on an unlimited number of sites: CLICK HERE.
  • Wordpress Plugins Slow Page Load- If you have noticed that your Wordpress blog is loading slowly, and you have a lot of plugins activated, then you should deactivate the plugins you are not actually using. With fewer plugins activated, your Wordpress site will load faster. Your readers will be happy.

    I imagine the same rule of thumb has proved true for other blogging and networking platforms.

    And if your site keeps hanging up, find out if one of your plugins is the cause of the problem, because JavaScript advertisements linked to small advertisers and minor advertising networks (that do not have a lot of bandwidth) can also slow your site down.
  • How To Make Money on the Internet -- Part 1- I don't care what all those guys on the forums say, you need a Domain Name. The Domain Name is the first thing you'll need before you can start making money on the Internet as an Independent Webmaster. Otherwise all your link-building efforts will go to waste.

    1) Get a domain name from a reputable service like NetFirms or 1and1.

    Choose a simple .com domain name. Your customers will remember one- and two-word domain names, and if you ever decide to sell your web site or domain name, short names bring in a higher price.
  • Make More Money From Adsense With Alternate Ads- Google Adsense Help explains how to construct an alternative ad. And the Google Adsense "manage ads" section in your Adsense account gives you the choice to show an alternate ad when Adsense has no ads to display (and then provides a field into which to insert your alternate ad URL). But if you are not using the new ad codes that are stored in your Adsense account (the ones you can edit from within your Adsense account), then you must manually modify the Adsense code.

    In other words, if you are using the old Adsense code (the codes that cannot be edited from within your Adsense account), you must insert a line telling Google the location of your alternate ad. Here is the line you must insert:

    google_alternate_ad_url = "yourad.html";
  • Books About Making Money on the Internet- First of all, we are pleased to offer you FREE professional trade magazines and white papers. Visit our Free Industry Resource Center and browse 600+ complimentary industry magazines, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and downloads. Our popular titles include: Senior Market Advisor
    Modern Metals
  • Nifty Word Cloud Tool: Wordle- Wordle: The word cloud was created using, the PRTSCSYSRQ key on my computer and the Windows Paint program. See the Wordle FAQ for further directions.
  • If You Twitter, They Will Come- You can make money placing advertisements on your Twitter threads (see below), and the more followers you have the more advertising money you will make.
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  • Free Merchant Circle Business Listings- One of the easiest and best ways to broaden your profile on the Internet is to join the network. MerchantCircle gives you a web page, blog, bulletin board, and your own newsletter(s), plus a contact form and a place where customers can review your services. You will receive one free advertising spot (an ad that MerchantCircle automatically places on business listings in your geographical area), and your MerchantCircle page will appear in search results on Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines.
  • Getting Pagerank from Trusted Links- I recently read that one of the best ways to start getting pagerank for your sites is to create links on some of the older, trusted sites on the Internet, sites like and Squidoo. You can take a look at my Squidoo Lens here.
  • Wordperfect Fails to Initialize- If you use Wordperfect and you get the message that it failed to initialize or all you get is the splash screen which then vanishes (or when you click on a Wordperfect document, you get a message that the path to your document is wrong), then check that your default printer has not changed. You might have to choose a different default printer. You probably want to choose the printer that you have used in the recent past.
  • Finding a Free Web Hosting Plan- If you are looking for reliable free web hosting, then take a look at Costfreerunhosting and Plus you will find hosting reviews and offers on Free Web Hosting Reviewed and on
  • Protecting Your Affiliate Links- Many webmasters cloak their affiliate links so that their referrals must use those cloaked links rather than just copying the original, uncloaked links into their browsers' address bars while leaving out the affiliate IDs. For example, if the affiliate link is Download Dollars, many readers will right click the link and then click on "copy link location" in the right-click menu.
  • Here is What You Want From an Affiliate Network- 1) Does the affiliate network contain original offers or just the same old garbage, the garbage that gives you dubious percent commissions? I usually do not work for affiliate programs that pay percentages. (But I do like Adland, because its percent commissions do pay off and they pay you on time every time.)
  • Make Money without Spending- If you want to make money from affiliate and pay-per-click programs and networks without spending any money of your own (that is, with no overhead), then you need to use a reliable free host and a free domain name. Do not use the free host's subdomains for your web site, because when the free host vanishes, all the links you created, the ones pointing at your web site, will be useless. Yes, you will be able to move your site to a new host (if you kept a backup), but your site's address (the URL) will change.
  • Free and Easy Banner Rotator- If you are looking for a free banner rotator, one that is easy to implement and that allows you to rotate all kinds of banners, HTML, and text, then you will want to take a look at the free offer on Free Web Hosting Reviewed, page 186:
  • An Inexpensive Reliable Web Host that Pays Affiliates- Over the years, I have often read that thousands (probably millions) of webmasters swear that BLUEHOST is their favorite web host.
  • Forums Are a Waste of Time- Forums are most often a waste of time for affiliate marketers. You not only have to muck your way through hoards of useless replies (moderators let users post a lot of stupid one liners), many or most forums do not allow affiliate links (except, sometimes, in your signature). I hate it when forum posts/replies get top rankings in search results; I do not go to forums for trustworthy or authoritative information. I think most forums spam the search engines, in one way or another.
  • The Easy Way to Follow News and Postings- 1) Subscribe Via Email 2) Subscribe to RSS Feed 3) Subscribe to live Friendfeed/affiliatebin -- a feed with its own webpage 4) Follow with FeedBurner
  • Marketing Your Website on the Street- Recently I ordered 250 Free Business Cards, 150 free postcards, 35 free fridge magnets, and a free car magnet. I plan to market and on college campuses and public bulletin boards. And when I am driving around the city I will attach the car magnet to the outer side of my passenger door.
  • Get a PayPal Account- PayPal is a necessity on the Internet. You can add/link credit cards to your PayPal account. When a PayPal account balance drops to near zero, PayPal uses the linked credit card. That way the merchant or service you are paying only sees your PayPal account, not your credit card. Your credit card is protected. The payees don't see your credit card information.
  • Problems with Video Streaming- I have been helping a friend with Internet video streaming. Here is what I said. I am sure that you will get all kinds of questions about why the video won't play fast, etc. You will have to tell your audience to 1) Try a different computer or 2) Get a faster Internet connection or 3) Download and/or upgrade their Windows Media Player or 4) Download and/or upgrade the media player PLUGIN for their browser or 5) Try using a different browser, e.g., switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer or 6) All of the above.
  • The Pownce Module for Drupal- I added a Pownce module to this blog so that AffiliateBin will post entries to my page. This is the test entry. Also, I had to use one of the older versions of the Pownce module, since the lastest version (April 2008) caused a fatal error in OAuth.php.
  • Keeping a Log of Your Daily Activities- For years I used to write entries about my daily activities in an offline (paper) log so that I could go back and see how my time was spent. Then I forgot about it. Now I can keep a log online with and update it via my Google Talk instant messenger. I do not even have to sign in to Twitter. Here is the log I started yesterday: Twitter can kind of give you an alibi, because you will know where you have been.
  • Getting More Traffic From Search Engines- You will probably receive more traffic from search engines when you submit sitemaps, that is, xml files that contain lists of your sites' pages. In fact you can add sitemap creation modules to both the Wordpress blogging platform and the Drupal community platform (the modules will create your sitemaps for you).
  • What You Need to Know to Become a Millionaire- The Better Business Bureau hosts an interesting online quiz entitled BBB Money Manager Quiz, a quick way to "find out if you are millionaire material." The quiz will let you know if you are savvy enough to manage money and credit, among other things. BBB Security Alerts BBB Tips
  • Dew-NewPHPLinks: A Directory Script that Cloaks Links- If you are looking for an extremely easy way to both cloak and catalog your affiliate and referral links, then you should probably take a look at Dew-NewPHPLinks. You can choose to have the directory automatically cloak your links. It seems that the Dew-NewPHPLinks site no longer exists at the present time, but many web hosts, especially those with cPanel, have provided users with automatic installation of the Dew-NewPHPLinks script. But maybe not anymore? Perhaps you will have to find the script in a repository.