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  • Keep Your Website Traffic- One way to keep your website traffic is to show your customers and visitors that when they send traffic to your site, they get traffic back. For example, you can list the sites that sent traffic to your website when you put the following line of JavaScript on your web page (or template):

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  • Adbrite Partners with Advertising Networks, Adding Volume and Earnings- Update: Adbrite closed on Feb. 1, 2013. Adbrite has announced a brand-new Network Partnership Program. Ad Networks such as Bidvertiser, Kontera, and Pheedo can now supply advertising and web site inventory directly into the AdBrite PPC and CPM advertising system, which features text links, in-line links, video, and banners. This new Network Partnership Program will increase publishers' earnings and provide advertisers greater reach, because it brings more ad volume to the AdBrite marketplace.
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  • How To Make Money on the Internet -- Part 1- I don't care what all those guys on the forums say, you need a Domain Name. The Domain Name is the first thing you'll need before you can start making money on the Internet as an Independent Webmaster. Otherwise all your link-building efforts will go to waste.

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    Sure, viral videos will bring you lots of short-term mileage, but the creative process involved is quite labor intensive, and the "glow" wears off fast, especially when your video content is just downright silly! (Silliness will not save your neighbors.) So if you are not willing to spend years attempting to create something earthshaking, then go for the simpler routes. Even rock stars are forgotten.

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    • Advanced Advertising with Adland. Includes banner impressions at the top of community, referral and advertising pages. Adland is one of the oldest business/referral/social networks on the Internet today.

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    • Free Merchant Circle Business Listings- One of the easiest and best ways to broaden your profile on the Internet is to join the network. MerchantCircle gives you a web page, blog, bulletin board, and your own newsletter(s), plus a contact form and a place where customers can review your services. You will receive one free advertising spot (an ad that MerchantCircle automatically places on business listings in your geographical area), and your MerchantCircle page will appear in search results on Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines.
    • Getting Pagerank from Trusted Links- I recently read that one of the best ways to start getting pagerank for your sites is to create links on some of the older, trusted sites on the Internet, sites like and Squidoo. You can take a look at my Squidoo Lens here.
    • Free Promotional and Marketing Products- If you have not been taking advantage of Vista Print's Everything is Free Sale, then you have been missing out on quite a few valuable (BUT FREE) custom-designed business items (you design your own from their numerous templates).
    • Make Money without Spending- If you want to make money from affiliate and pay-per-click programs and networks without spending any money of your own (that is, with no overhead), then you need to use a reliable free host and a free domain name. Do not use the free host's subdomains for your web site, because when the free host vanishes, all the links you created, the ones pointing at your web site, will be useless. Yes, you will be able to move your site to a new host (if you kept a backup), but your site's address (the URL) will change.
    • Free and Easy Banner Rotator- If you are looking for a free banner rotator, one that is easy to implement and that allows you to rotate all kinds of banners, HTML, and text, then you will want to take a look at the free offer on Free Web Hosting Reviewed, page 186:
    • Forums Are a Waste of Time- Forums are most often a waste of time for affiliate marketers. You not only have to muck your way through hoards of useless replies (moderators let users post a lot of stupid one liners), many or most forums do not allow affiliate links (except, sometimes, in your signature). I hate it when forum posts/replies get top rankings in search results; I do not go to forums for trustworthy or authoritative information. I think most forums spam the search engines, in one way or another.
    • Marketing Your Website on the Street- Recently I ordered 250 Free Business Cards, 150 free postcards, 35 free fridge magnets, and a free car magnet. I plan to market and on college campuses and public bulletin boards. And when I am driving around the city I will attach the car magnet to the outer side of my passenger door.
    • The Pownce Module for Drupal- I added a Pownce module to this blog so that AffiliateBin will post entries to my page. This is the test entry. Also, I had to use one of the older versions of the Pownce module, since the lastest version (April 2008) caused a fatal error in OAuth.php.