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  • No Fees for Buying and Selling Stocks and Funds -- and get a free Stock Share of Apple or Sprint- When you use my affiliate link to sign-up with this free online stock brokerage, you will get a free stock with a company like Apple or Sprint, and I will get a free stock, too. And once you have joined this online brokerage, you can buy stocks and funds for free -- no fees for buying or selling stocks and ETFs AND cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Etherium!
  • Earn Bitcoin Making Referrals to Coinbase- America‚Äôs best and most reputed cryptocurrency exchange will pay you Bitcoin for referring people to their secure online brokerage and phone app. Here is our unique referral link. Please use our referral link so that we earn some Bitcoin from referrals, too, and so that you can buy and sell Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin from referring new people:
  • Let's Get Started With A Few Ways to Earn Money on the Internet: Advertising Networks and Affiliate Programs- Here are a few ways to make money. I try out all the affiliate programs I list here on this website and only include the ones that do relatively well. When time proves them duds, I remove them from this blog. Right now I am making the best money from Google Adsense and Adland.
  • Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys- This post and its links are self explanatory. It guides you to INTERNATIONAL online surveys that pay. See below:

    Pinecone Research is an excellent group that pays $5 per survey, but you will have to search the Internet for a recruitment link since Pinecone tends to recruit randomly and at different times of the year across a variety of websites and networks.

    e-Rewards is another great survey site, but from what I see it is invitation only. One way you might get an invitation is to order something online from Macy's -- it has worked that way before.
  • Adbrite Partners with Advertising Networks, Adding Volume and Earnings- Update: Adbrite closed on Feb. 1, 2013. Adbrite has announced a brand-new Network Partnership Program. Ad Networks such as Bidvertiser, Kontera, and Pheedo can now supply advertising and web site inventory directly into the AdBrite PPC and CPM advertising system, which features text links, in-line links, video, and banners. This new Network Partnership Program will increase publishers' earnings and provide advertisers greater reach, because it brings more ad volume to the AdBrite marketplace.
  • Check Your Affiliate Links- You should make sure that your affiliate links are working. Check them out every two months or so. Recently I found that my old Chitika affiliate referral link takes my readers to a page that no longer exists on the Chitika website. My new referral link is
  • The Top Paying Advertising Networks- During the past year, I had the most monetary success with the following (easy to join) advertising networks. They paid best: 1) Google Adsense 2) Chitika 3) Sponsored Tweets 4) Kontera 5) Adland and
  • Get it for Free: The Make Money Online Newsletter- Our Make Money Online Newsletter is free. This free newsletter provides you with the information you need to quickly start earning hundreds of dollars a month on the Internet. The sky is the limit! If you work hard and apply the right business principles, then you should start bringing in thousands of dollars a month after two or three years of development and marketing.

    But first you must learn how to create web sites and how to join reliable affiliate programs and networks, especially the ones that pay per click and per lead. That's why our Newsletter will tell you about the easiest ways to set up your online presence and about the reliable online earnings opportunities we have tested out ourselves.

    We will show you how to keep your overhead down and how to advertise for free. We will show you how to make money while you sleep. We will show you how your hard work can and will pay off. Join Now - click here
  • Earn Money from Affiliate Programs-
  • Choosing an Affiliate Network- Personally I prefer the Google Affiliate Network and (maybe) the Panthera Network: CPA Global Publisher Network Click Here. I know that Google is big enough to protect my personal information and Tax ID. Google has always paid me on time and offers tons of affiliate programs. And I know that Google is not going to skimp on bandwidth.

    When I say "affiliate network," I mean a website that offers many different affiliate programs sponsored by numerous merchants and businesses (businesses like IBM, Dell, Bell, Apple, and Macy's, for example). Merchants join the affiliate network in order to recruit affiliates (who will then advertise and sell the merchants' products). Affiliates join the network in order to make money selling products or finding "leads." The affiliate network acts as the middleman and keeps track of earnings and payments.
  • Automate Your Advertising Earnings- When you install the OIOpublisher as a Wordpress plugin or a standalone platform, you achieve instant monetary automation. That's right your advertising process becomes fully automated on an unlimited number of websites.

    While visiting your websites (either on their own or through your links in the OIOpublisher Marketplace), advertisers can apply to buy text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews. The ad purchases and expirations are handled automatically, and one-click ad management saves you time.

    You may use the OIOpublisher ad manager on an unlimited number of sites: CLICK HERE.
  • How To Make Money on the Internet -- Part 1- I don't care what all those guys on the forums say, you need a Domain Name. The Domain Name is the first thing you'll need before you can start making money on the Internet as an Independent Webmaster. Otherwise all your link-building efforts will go to waste.

    1) Get a domain name from a reputable service like NetFirms or 1and1.

    Choose a simple .com domain name. Your customers will remember one- and two-word domain names, and if you ever decide to sell your web site or domain name, short names bring in a higher price.
  • Make Money Posting Links Anywhere on the Internet -- CPM- Make CPM Money Posting Links

    This service pays you to transform your links and then post them anywhere on the Internet (forums, social sites, bookmarking sites, etc.) and pays as much as $2.00 CPM. They also pay you for referrals, with a downline 5 levels deep. CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  • Make More Money From Adsense With Alternate Ads- Google Adsense Help explains how to construct an alternative ad. And the Google Adsense "manage ads" section in your Adsense account gives you the choice to show an alternate ad when Adsense has no ads to display (and then provides a field into which to insert your alternate ad URL). But if you are not using the new ad codes that are stored in your Adsense account (the ones you can edit from within your Adsense account), then you must manually modify the Adsense code.

    In other words, if you are using the old Adsense code (the codes that cannot be edited from within your Adsense account), you must insert a line telling Google the location of your alternate ad. Here is the line you must insert:

    google_alternate_ad_url = "yourad.html";
  • Promote Your Sites: The Top SEO Software for Free-

    Many large corporations use this software to optimize their web sites. It's called search engine optimization (SEO). Now you can download the free version of this sofware. Just click on the banner shown at the top of this post. Or click on the banner to become an affiliate and earn very lucrative commissions.
  • Pinecone Research Surveys Issues Rare Sign Up Link- Pinecone Research pays $5 for every survey you complete and often invites you to complete four or five surveys a month. And they pay promptly. In fact they are the most reliable and transparent survey company I have had the pleasure of "meeting up" with on the Internet.

    They do not often issue sign up links. It is usually hard to find a way to sign up with them. But at this time, if you are a Canadian Resident, you can sign up with Pinecone Research using hte following link:
  • Books About Making Money on the Internet- First of all, we are pleased to offer you FREE professional trade magazines and white papers. Visit our Free Industry Resource Center and browse 600+ complimentary industry magazines, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and downloads. Our popular titles include: Senior Market Advisor
    Modern Metals
  • New eBay Affiliate Program- I received my first issue of the Free Website Trade Publication >> Website Magazine a few days ago, and I am quite happy with its coverage. The article about the future of the mobile (wireless, hand-held) Internet was particularly interesting, especially the parts explaining that the current hype does not measure up. And the piece on datacenters was enlightening -- I certainly agree that webmasters like myself should know more about datacenters (and that is the editor's thrust -- that webmasters should have a good general knowledge of the Internet).
  • If You Twitter, They Will Come- You can make money placing advertisements on your Twitter threads (see below), and the more followers you have the more advertising money you will make.
    SponsoredTweets referral badge  

  • Getting Pagerank from Trusted Links- I recently read that one of the best ways to start getting pagerank for your sites is to create links on some of the older, trusted sites on the Internet, sites like and Squidoo. You can take a look at my Squidoo Lens here.
  • Make Money Selling and Promoting Photos- This looks like a great way to make money, and I think it is a very professional site, too. Make money selling your photos and recruiting other photographers and buyers. I just joined. It looks like your photos have to fulfill a few requirements (but you can still make money recruiting new members): - JPEG format - Image resolution greater than or equal to 2400 x 1600 (4 Million pixels) - Files than 30 Megabytes in size - You must be the author of the files
  • Here is What You Want From an Affiliate Network- 1) Does the affiliate network contain original offers or just the same old garbage, the garbage that gives you dubious percent commissions? I usually do not work for affiliate programs that pay percentages. (But I do like Adland, because its percent commissions do pay off and they pay you on time every time.)
  • Earn More Money Online- For more information about making money online, including how to earn dollars without incurring expenditures or overhead, see Free Web Hosting Reviewed. The site shows you how to make money for free.
  • New: Make $30 per Month from Every Website- When you join this ad matching service, they pay you $30 dollars per month for putting one link on 5 pages of your website, and you can submit as many websites as you like. This means that if you have 5 websites, you could earn $150 per month. Ad placement is automatic once they have matched an advertiser to your website. All you have to do is sign up and then place the ad code on your chosen webpages to begin the process.
  • Get Paid to Put Your Site on Mobile Phones- Put your website on the mobile web. This is one of the most interesting affiliate programs I have seen. With just one step, your web site is mobile and connected to the mobile web (all you do is type in your web address, your URL, and you are ready to make money on iPhones and Blackberries and PDAs). And the guys that do this for you find you advertisers, handle the ads and the payments, and promote your sites.
  • An Inexpensive Reliable Web Host that Pays Affiliates- Over the years, I have often read that thousands (probably millions) of webmasters swear that BLUEHOST is their favorite web host.
  • Free iphones, ipods, Games, Electronics- Here is a site that seems legit, because if you do not want to complete offers (most of which are free), you can refer friends or visitors to your website in order to receive Free Electronics - click here:
    • Apple iPhone, Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung mobile phones for free
    • Xbox 360, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii for Free
    • Apple iPod Video, iPod Nano and Sony Walkman MP3 players for free
  • Microsoft Says Get Paid $3 per Free Trial- You really should join the Microsoft Affiliate Network. Today they announced that they will give a "$3 payout for every unique US or Canadian-based download of the free trial" of Windows Live OneCare, a piece of Microsoft software that provides a firewall, antivirus and antispyware protection, online ID theft protection, backup and restore, and performance tune-ups. Windows Live OneCare also includes home network management, printer sharing support, WiFi Security, and online photo backup (plus more).
  • Complete Free Surveys and Offers- I do not usually join programs that pay me for completing offers and surveys, especially when they pay me with points that are later converted to dollars (I find that points are hard to value on the spot, when I am choosing a task), but Rapidloot has been around for a couple years, has over 17,000 users, and lets you make money trying free samples or completing short surveys (or you can choose to participate in one of the more complicated offers).
  • Pay Per Play Temporarily Closes It's Doors to New Affiliates- Update: As of March 1 the Play for Pay network has reopened to new affiliates. Hurry up and join while you still can. ------------- The Play for Pay audio advertising network, which theoretically pays webmasters for 100% of their traffic, says that it has enough affiliates for now and actually needs more advertisers to fill all the 5 second audio ad slots available the sites that now carry them.
  • Kontera Freezes Web Site- I do not know about you but Kontera inline ContentLink advertising sometimes freezes one of my web sites when I view it using the Internet Explorer browser (but not when I use Firefox). In fact Kontera sometimes freezes my Internet Explorer browser, period, which means that I then have to end the IE program. I have read that Kontera can substantially slow the load times of its publishers' web sites, but the fact that it sometimes freezes one of my web sites has prompted me to remove the Kontera advertising code.
  • Pay Per Play Reopens Program to New Affiliates- Play for Pay has now reopened its affiliate program. Get in now while you can and build your downline. Join Now. Pay per Play pays you for 5 second audio commercials on your websites. In principle you can earn money off every page view.